Sales And Marketing

Savannah® has brought smart rice® technology to India. These rice seeds adapt to the situations, require less time & input , and are able to produce more grain per acre. smart rice® seeds have a combination of 4 features together in one seed which is unique in the market.

These POWER of FOUR features are

  • High yield with early maturity.
  • Less Chaffiness, More Grains.
  • Higher Milling %
  • Semi-dwarf plant type with strong stem leads to increase tolerance to lodging.


Savannah’s marketing efforts are focused on customer education, training and service to satisfaction. Our product performance and improved crop management practices are demonstrated to all stakeholders at company operated technology farms and farmer fields.


To ensure successful technology transfer from lab to farm, the sales and marketing team provides training and on farm technological support for farmers throughout the cropping season.



Savannah® has best talent from industry working towards making smart rice® available to every farmer in need. Team is covering 11 states through more than 500 distributors and 5000 retail outlets. Rice specialist team ensure round the year hand holding on rice farming, with their knowledge and efforts sales team is adding value to rice eco system.

Because of hard working team and their efforts, thousands of farmers are able to increase their per acre productivity & income.


Sales team is key link for our extension activities and they believe to create value with their specialization on rice.

The team is equipped with devices and tools of trade which not only eliminates need of tedious reporting but make vital information available to them on their mobile device. The SSPET (Smart Sales Productivity Enhancement Tool) is helping them to be more productive.