Our Sustainability Story

Savannah® firmly believes that innovation and technology have the power to amplify productivity by utilizing the shrinkable land and water resources while reducing the impact on the environment. Hence, Sustainability forms the center of all our operations – right from creating sustainable solutions to cater market needs, to addressing global challenges.

Savannah Seeds is committed to partnering with growers to help them maximize sustainability efforts in their farming operations. Ultimately, the benefits of sustainability lead to increased profitability.

Importantly, the sustainability benefits of planting Savannah seeds are good for the environment:

  • More efficient use of the land – produces the same amount of grain on 15%-20% less land
  • 15%-20% higher nitrogen use efficiency
  • Generates 36% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduces water usage by up to 30%
  • Reduces pesticide use due to natural resistance to insect and plant disease

Sustainability Charter