Smart Rice®

smart rice® is developed by using a new generation breeding platform which aims to develop resource efficient rice seeds with high marketable yield.

smart rice® is characterized by a semi-dwarf & erect plant type with high tillering , grain index and early maturity. These features of smart rice® gives farmers a choice to earn more net income with reduced risk.

Early Maturity

  • Crop matures earlier than conventional varieties.
  • Escapes adverse conditions.
  • Saves 2-3 irrigation, chemical, fertilizer costs.
  • Next crop can be sown on time.
  • Doesn’t required stubble burning hence save environment.
Early-Maturity Early-Maturity

Lodging Tolerant

  • Semi-dwarf erect plants.
  • Strong stem tolerant to lodging.
  • Prevents extra labor costs .
  • Prevents loss of produce & quality.
  • Highly suitable for mechanized harvesting.
Lodging-tolerant Lodging-tolerant

Non Chaffy Panicles

  • Dark green leafs make efficient food.
  • All grains get filled efficiently.
  • Grain weight is higher & robust.
  • The panicle weighs more.
Non-Chaffy-Panicles Non-Chaffy-Panicles

Better Milling Percentage

  • Grains are strong.
  • Milling percentage is above Government prescribed standards.
  • Less broken grains meeting or exceeding FCI standard
  • Better price for farmers.
  • Higher profitability for miller
Better-Milling-Percentage Better-Milling-Percentage