Savannah Seeds Releases RiceReach®️ FullPage®️ App in India

GURUGRAM, INDIA (May 2024) – Savannah Seeds is excited to announce the beta launch of RiceReach® FullPage® in the Indian market. This new application is designed to complement the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution and poised to make significant strides in transforming India’s agricultural practices.

With the introduction of FullPage in India, Savannah underscores its dedication to transforming farming methods in the region. Specifically designed for direct-seeded rice (DSR), FullPage brings together SmartRice® genetics, SQUAD™ seed treatment, the FullPage unique IMI herbicide tolerance trait, and ADAMA’s Vezir herbicide. A comprehensive rice cropping system, with FullPage farmers can maximize their crop’s performance.

RiceReach FullPage is a digital platform designed to connect farmers with the broader rice farming ecosystem. It facilitates the exchange of information and is specifically tailored to guide farmers in growing DRS hybrid rice, offering personalized agronomy advice and recommendations.

The first in a suite of services, this is application specifically tailored to support Indian farmers with the transition from transplanted rice to direct seeded rice with the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution.

Ajai Rana, Asia Pacific Business Head commented, “RiceReach is designed to be a tool for farmers seeking to transform their rice farming practices. By providing access to agronomy knowledge and practical tools, we’re helping farmers navigate the transition to more sustainable practices with confidence.”

The application is now available to farmers in Northern and Central India on Android devices. It features an agronomy section that guides farmers through each stage of FullPage rice cultivation, from field preparation to harvest. This ensures a thorough understanding and implementation of best practices tailored to their specific farm conditions. The app also provides detailed guidelines on the optimal use of ADAMA’s Vezir, the herbicide ideally suited for the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution ensuring effective weed management.

“RiceReach enables us to digitally connect with millions of farmers across India, offering support and accelerating the transition to DSR practices,” said RiceTec CTO, Chakra Sankaraiah. “It marks the beginning of a new era in Indian agriculture, paving the way for more sustainable and profitable rice farming.”

Additional features include customer support through a chat function, enabling farmers to connect with experts for guidance on seed sowing, pest control, plant nutrition, and more. Farmers can personalize their app experience by inputting their farm’s boundaries and details, which allows for tailored advice and strategies.

The integrated weather feature provides location-specific updates, helping farmers plan their activities according to weather conditions. Moreover, the app facilitates direct connections between farmers and distributors, streamlining the process of purchasing FullPage products.

Customer success stories featured in the app illustrate the benefits realized by farmers already using the FullPage. These benefits include significant reductions in groundwater usage, labor costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, alongside increased yields compared to traditional DSR methods. These stories foster farmer trust and highlight the positive impact of the FullPage solution.

RiceReach embodies Savannah’s commitment to empowering farmers by providing innovative solutions that address today’s most pressing agricultural challenges. By supporting farmers in their journey towards sustainable farming practices, Savannah is paving the way for a significant shift in rice cultivation in India.

About Savannah Seeds

Savannah Seeds, a subsidiary of RiceTec, is a leading technology-based rice company committed to developing SmartRice® with high yields and value-added traits. With a vision for sustainable rice agriculture that benefits farmers, consumers, and the planet, Savannah Seeds aims to lead innovation in the sector. To learn more about Savannah Seeds, visit, or connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, X/Twitter, Google Plus or WhatsApp 0 95997 67127.

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