About Savannah®

Innovation & Leadership

Savannah® is a leading technology-based rice company focused on developing smart rice® with high yields and value added traits. We focus on discovering and delivering innovative products and crop management solutions to farmers, who feed the growing world population.

Our Mission

Savannah® drives sustainable food production through rice seed technology and makes a positive impact on farmers, employees and stakeholders.

Our Purpose

Enhance crop productivity: We have developed smart rice® which delivers high marketable yield with improved quality.

Reduce inputs consumption: By introducing innovation and technological advancement, we provide solutions to farmers for reducing cost of critical inputs such as labour and water for enhancing farm profitability in a sustainable manner

Risk reduction in crop production: Adding value by inculcating traits such as early maturity, semi-dwarf plant type with pest and disease tolerance, we offer significant risk reduction at the farm throughout the entire crop cycle.

Our Values

The Savannah® team is committed with its values to increase theyield and prosperity of farmers through our best in class technology & services.