Rice Cultivation in India is Facing Challenges

FullPage ® Rice Cropping Solution is an integration of SmartRice ® genetics, SQUAD™ new generation seed treatment and a herbicide tolerance trait. FullPage ® technology offers broad-spectrum effective weed control (grasses, sedges and broad leaves), SQUAD™ treatment provides protection against initial biotic stresses & improve mechanized sowing efficiency with better flowability of seed. SmartRice ® genetics is suitable for higher plant population in DSR.Effective weed management, optimum plant population and crop safety leads to higher productivity.

Profitability higher productivity and cost reduction

Convenience reduce labor dependence

Sustainability GHG reduction,less water and fuel


SmartRice® genetics suitable for higher plant population in DSR
FullPage ® technology provides effective broad spectrum weed control
SQUAD™ treatment provides protection against initial biotic stress and improves flowability for mechanized sowing better germination and crop vigour

Optimum plant population and crop safety leads to higher productivity

Transplanted Rice


Nursery management cost required appx. *`500 per acre


High fuel cost and wear and tear of machine


High labour cost appx. *`4000 – 5000 per acre

Hand weeding

Fullpage DSR

No nursery required

No nursery management cost required

Laser leveling

Less fuel cost

Seed drill sowing

Approximate labor cost saving *`1000-1200 per acre

No hand weeding
*Cost estimate based on farmer market research

FullPage® Technology Effectiveness

Intangibles – convenience and peace of Mind

Convenience – No nursery and field preparation

Peaceof Mind – No dependency on labor availability

Time saving – Timelycompletion of operation, no yield penalty duet o delayin transplantina

Flexibility – Effectivea n dcomplete weed control with flexibilityof herbicide application considering weatherand otherchallenges

Avoid Muddy operations

Source: RiceTec/Savannah internal trails and Market Research Data

FullPage ® has Visible Advantage of Weed Control Against Conventional DSR

Normal DSR

Fullpage Enabled DSR

60 days of sowing
75 days of sowing
85 days of sowing

Value Addition by FullPage® Technology

Approximately 30% water saving
in FullPage DSR

Approximately ₹1000-1500 per acre
weed management saving

Approximately ₹4000-5000 per acre
transplanting cost saving

Approximately 1MT to 1.5 MT per acre
less GHG emission

Agriculture Research Journal, PAU, Ludhiana – Volume 5(1). 13-32 (2017) and International Journal of Advanced Research (2014) Volume 2.

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